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Series 6″

Series 6″

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The structure entirely in stainless steel with an external jacket guarantees the permanent alignment of all the components which together with the floating PTFE shim rings, the ceramic guide bushings, and the grooved rubber bearings give the pump body greater resistance over time.
The range has been designed to guarantee high efficiency with a reduction in energy consumption and therefore costs

>> Drinking water
>> Aggressive and corrosive waters
>> Sea waters
>> Brackish waters
>> Thermal and sulphurous waters
>> Agriculture
>> Fire Prevention
>> Heavy-duty applications: mining
>> Water supply
>> Increase in pressure
>> Desalination and osmosis
>> Industry
>> Irrigation
>> Special solutions
» Various
industry sectors:
steel and naval
food, petrochemical,

>> Maximum flow rate: 667 l/min
» Maximum head: 700 metres
>> Maximum power: 45 kW
>> Maximum overall diameter: 145 mm (including cable cover) >> Maximum water temperature: °90C (only for the pump, for the motor see motor catalogue)
» Maximum sand content: 100 g/m3

Upon request, we can provide:
+ Double cable protector
+ 4″ NEMA motor connection
+ 8″ NEMA motor connection