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EVP is designed to work in parallel in multiple units, they are an optimal solution for pressurization equipment. Their system of suction and delivery flanges on different planes makes them easy to install and service while providing easy access to the valve and sensor units.


·Water supply: Pressure boosting for main pipes and high-rise buildings
·Industrial pressure boosting: Water system, cleaning system, high pressure

 washing system and firefighting system
·Pressure boosting for pressure tank, sprinkling irrigation, and trickling irrigation
·Air conditioner, cooling system, and industrial cleaning



·Applicable for a wide scope of different temperatures, flow rates, and pressure ranges
·Water inlet and outlet can be rotated for proper assembly by installation requirement
·Easy installation and maintenance
·Advanced hydraulic model design, featuring stable operation and high efficiency
·Cast iron water inlet and outlet with special anti-rust treatment
·High-strength engineering plastic flow passage components
·Reliable stainless steel welded shaft



Working Conditions

·Liquid temperature: +5℃~60℃
·Max. ambient temperature:+40℃
·Max. working pressure: 15 bar
·Altitude: up to 1000m